Erin Park


Erin Park features 52 high quality, duplex style, one, two and three bedroom homes. All 52 homes are long term, rent-to-own housing. The community is located off of Deerfield Ave., in Eastpointe. Occupancy began in early 2021. All of the units are for households between 30% and 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

How to Apply

Erin Park is fully leased at this time and we do not anticipate vacancies in the near future.

If experiencing homelessness, please call the HRC at 248-269-1335 or email:

If receiving services through the Community Mental Health System or Area Agency on Aging 1B, email or call: Catherine Sheets or 517-335-9848

All others interested in applying please call or email: Piper Properties at 586-773-1766 or

Requirements for Living Here

Erin Park is mixed-income development. The homes will be available for individuals and families earning between 30% and 80% of Macomb County’s Area Median Income (AMI). These limits determine monthly rents and which homes households are eligible for. For more information, click here.

 30% AMI60% AMI80% AMI
1 person$ 16,800$ 33,600$ 44,800
2 people$ 19,200$ 38,400$ 51,200
3 people$ 21,600$ 43,200$ 57,600
4 people$ 24,000$ 48,000$ 64,000
5 people$ 25,920$ 51,840$ 69,120
6 people$ 27,840$ 55,680 $ 74,240
7 people$ 29,760$ 59,520$ 79,360
8 people$ 31,680$ 63,360$ 84,480


  • Community Space.
  • Located near community amenities such as public transportation, grocery stores, places of worship, recreational spaces and healthcare facilities.
  • Onsite support staff.