Homeless Services, Shelters and Subsidized Housing List

For those seeking emergency shelter, click here. This list provides numbers to other organizations that may be of assistance as applicable based on the individual/household’s situation. Resources specifically for women are at bottom of the resource pages after county specific information. Depending on information they may be eligible for other programs.

McRest, Ameila Agnes, Abigails Ministriesin Macomb County have Rapid Re-housing funds. A participant in one of these shelters is eligible for that shelter’s Rapid Re-housing funds and are not eligible for CHN’s ESG rapid re-housing funds. 

Additionally when shelters locally are full, it is good to try to access through other counties and those are listed when known on this list as well.

Subsidized Housing List Oakland

Subsidized Housing List Macomb

Please complete our Housing Needs Information Request form HERE or text “housing” to 248-269-1335.