Landlord Engagement Program

EmpWe offer a variety of rental assistance programs to meet the varying needs of our community and strive to help every individual sustain housing independently. As a participating landlord, you will be making a difference in your community by providing a scarce resource to neighbors in need.

Assist in filling vacancies and reducing cost by:

  • Providing steady referrals
  • Reducing the need for advertising
  • Finding the best fit between tenant and unit
  • Referring those that have a likelihood of qualifying

Provide resources to mediate landlord-tenant issues that may arise, by:

  • Acting as a neutral third party to mediate concerns that focus on preserving the housing arrangements and offering support to succeed
  • Helping to address tenant concerns and create a means for great landlord-tenant communication

Landlord Testimonial

“We at Lombardo’s Properties love to work with the Community Housing Network! We have a tenant that fell into some hard times and got behind on the rent. She owed quite a bit of back rent and was about to be evicted. Thanks to Community Housing’s help with their eviction prevention program, our tenant was able to get the help she needed and get all of her rent caught up and avoid being evicted. She is now back on track and doing well. Lombardo’s Properties works with Community Housing very often; we have several tenants in the Rapid Rehousing Program. Community Housing does a fantastic job helping people who need a hand up and we are proud to be working with them and we will continue to work with them as often as we can.”

Contact: Sarah Muhich, Landlord Engagement Specialist, at 248-824-7332 or