Executive Team

Marc Craig, (President) believes that diverse, inclusive communities committed to including people of all backgrounds, are stronger communities. As the founding president of Community Housing Network, Marc has spent more than 20 years building on his vision of helping disenfranchised members of society attain the dream of living in a safe, affordable home of their choice. Marc founded Springhill Housing Corporation in 1990, and then Community Housing Network in 2001. Read More.

Kirsten Elliott, (Vice President/Chief Operating Officer)  believes that every individual deserves a chance to overcome trauma. She also believes that affordable housing is an essential part of a holistic approach to a fresh start, opening doors, and transforming lives.

Kirsten has spent her career developing affordable housing communities and creating housing resources for vulnerable populations. In her role as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Kirsten collaborates with Community Housing Network’s President, Board of Directors, and community partners to set and drive the organization’s vision and organizational strategy. She also oversees real estate and development initiatives at Community Housing Network. Read More.

Carrie Mendoza, (CPA, Vice President/Chief Financial Officer) Carrie Mendoza believes in Community Housing Network’s (CHN) core value of integrity and it is the basis for her role as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. 

Carrie has over 20 years of experience in non-profit accounting. Since joining Community Housing Network in 2014, Carrie has been responsible for directing the financial operations in accordance with the highest level of accounting principles. Carrie also oversees the quality assurance and compliance aspects of the organization. Read More.

Shelley Brinkmann, (Vice President of Real Estate) believes that learning from individuals different from ourselves challenges our thinking and beliefs in positive ways to make us more compassionate human beings. To Shelley, success is defined as making a difference and creating a more accepting society. Shelley has worked for Community Housing Network since its inception in October 2001. Starting as a Property Manager, Shelley moved on to become the Director of the Property and Asset Management and is currently the Vice President of Real Estate. Read More.

Board Members

Gary Abernathy
Courtney Elledge
Paul Landry
Tom Landry
Janet Owens
MaKisha Reed
William Robinson, Jr.
Mark Wiedelman
Arketa Williams

Contact: Carrie Wrubel, Administrative Coordinator at 248-269-1334 or cwrubel@chninc.net.