Risks in Sharing Information Policy

While the MSHMIS system was designed to promote better services for those who are homeless, there are risks that may lead some individuals to choose to do one or more of the following:

1. Allow only your name, year of birth, and partial social security number (optional) to be shared with all participating agencies. All other information, including where you are being served and your particular situation, are kept confidential or shared with only select agencies.

2. Allow some statistical or demographic information to be shared with select other agencies, but do not allow other more personal data such as health, mental health, drug/alcohol use history or domestic violence information to be shared.

3. Close all information including identifying information from all sharing. Only this agency may see the information.

4. Use an anonymous client ID so that no identifying information exists on the record, even within this agency.

PRIVACY NOTICE AMENDMENTS: The policies covered under this Privacy Notice may be amended over time and those amendments may affect information obtained by the agency before the date of the change. All amendments to the Privacy Notice must be consistent with the requirements of the Federal Standards that protect the privacy of consumers and guide HMIS implementation and operation.