Shelley Brinkmann, Vice President of Real Estate

Shelley Brinkman believes that learning from individuals different from ourselves challenges our thinking and beliefs in positive ways to make us more compassionate human beings. To Shelley, success is defined as making a difference and creating a more accepting society. Shelley has worked for CHN since its inception in October 2001. Starting as a Property Manager, Shelley moved on to become the Director of the Property and Asset Management and is currently the Vice President of Real Estate.

As Vice President of Real Estate, Shelley oversees all building, rehabilitation and property management aspects of CHN housing. As part of that work, Shelley and her team identify and manage all grants and funding that allow CHN to develop housing across the state of Michigan.

Shelley has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Michigan State University.  Among her professional designations are: Licensed Real Estate Agent, Licensed Social Worker, Certified HQS Inspector. Shelley manages a staff of 15 people which includes development project managers, property and asset managers, an inspection specialist, support brokers and a software analyst for OHLink. She also oversees maintenance and compliance for 23 different companies with various funding streams to obtain affordable housing grants: HOME funds, HUD 811’s, Section 8, Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis and Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh.

In addition, Shelley’s background in social work and working individuals with physical, cognitive and/or emotional impairments helps guide her work on a daily basis when working with people and their families to develop and secure housing.