Springhill Housing Corporation Pooled Accounts

The Springhill Housing Corporation Pooled Accounts Trust provides a way for people with disabilities to use their savings without endangering important public benefits. Community Housing Network, Inc. (CHN) is the authorized agent of Springhill Housing Corporation, Trustee, and provides day-to-day administration of the Trust. Community Housing Network has the financial and administrative experience and capacity to provide this important support.

Unlike assets in a traditional trust, assets in a special needs trust are not counted as income under the rules that apply to means-tested public benefits (such as Medicaid and SSI). Assets in a special needs trust will not affect the beneficiary’s ability to receive public benefits. In other words, the person is able to preserve assets, without endangering access to benefits.

By preserving individuals’ assets, to be used for their sole benefit, Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust beneficiaries enjoy the highest quality of life possible. Individuals can use their portion of the Trust to pay for needs not covered by public benefits, such as travel, clothing, electronics, and furniture.

Who is eligible?

People with disabilities who are over the means-tested public benefit asset limit should seek professional legal counsel to determine if a special needs trust would be right for them.

How can I access this service?

You may enroll in the Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust through your personal attorney, or directly through a Springhill Pooled Accounts Trust staff member. For more information please contact Joanna Giglio at 248-269-1319 or pat@chninc.net. Instructions to enroll are here