Unity Park Rentals

Unity Park Rentals is a single-family home, multi-phase development in the Unity Park neighborhood of Pontiac. Unity Park Rentals features high-quality, rental residential homes built and maintained to be appealing and affordable for hard-working families and individuals. The first phase of 32 homes was completed in 2015. Phases II, III and IV were completed between 2016 and early-2018, adding an additional 35 homes. Unity Park Rentals includes:
  • 6 one-bedroom homes
  • 10 two-bedroom homes
  • 29 three-bedroom homes
  • 22 four-bedroom homes

Rents range from $270 to $820. 26 of the 67 Unity Park Rentals homes are set aside for residents in need of supportive services. The homes are located in the neighborhood with the following boundaries: Auburn Avenue to the north, S. Sanford Street to the east, Osmun Street to the south and Perkins Street to the west.

The Unity Park Rentals community building and leasing office is at 333 Auburn Ave., Pontiac, MI 48342.


  • Air conditioner
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Washer and dryer hookup
  • Community building
  • On-site maintenance


The neighborhood is located within 0.4 miles of the Pontiac Transportation Center, which provides access to Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) routes 275, 450, 752, 753, and 756 and the Greyhound transit system.

A curb-to-curb Connector Service and ADA Paratransit Service is also provided by the SMART within a 10-mile radius of the rider’s beginning destination.

We also offer mini bus transportation for residents of Unity Park Rentals. For more information, please call 248-481-9465.

Requirements for living here

The homes will be available for families of mixed income levels earning between 30% and 60% of Oakland County’s Area Median Income (AMI). Please see table below for corresponding income limits. These limits determine monthly rents and which homes households are eligible for.

 30% AMI40% AMI60% AMI
1 person$ 14,900$ 19,880$ 29,820
2 people$ 17,000$ 22,720$ 34,080
3 people$ 19,150$ 25,560$ 38,340
4 people$ 21,250$ 28,360$ 42,540
5 people$ 22,950$ 30,640$ 45,960
6 people$ 24,650$ 32,920$ 49,380
7 people$ 26,350$ 35,200$ 52,800
8 people$ 28,050$ 37,440$ 56,160

Applicants must pass a basic credit and criminal background check to qualify. If your household income is at 60% AMI, rents will range from $720-$820 based on family size and number of bedrooms. For households with lower incomes, lower rents are available. Unity Park Rentals accepts Housing Choice Vouchers (formerly known as Section 8 vouchers).Income limits provided by MSHDA are available here.

How to apply

To apply or learn more about leasing, contact Piper Management Group at 248-481-9465 or unityparkrentals@yahoo.com.

For tenancy in the special needs units or other housing resources, contact our Housing Resource Center at 248-269-1335 or 866-282-3119.